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Billboards and Sky Signs command attention, usually from a distance, to ensure visibility of your brand. The importance of brevity in the message is generally a key element in their design as a billboard is generally seen for only a few moments by passing traffic, pedestrians or commuters.

Talk to us at Marlin Signs and we'll customise your design, manufacture it to your specifications and take care of the installation process. Our Australia-wide network of experts can complete all metal fabrication, hoisting and associated electronic and/or focused lighting connections as well.

Billboard Signage from Marlin Signs may be used for eye-catching advertising at airports, beside roadways, railway lines, within corporate development zones, on mobile trailers, on attached to or above tall buildings. Free-standing billboards on poles can also be located in pertinent positions to promote general advertising or community messages. They may be illuminated with LED lighting, static poster type displays, or include digital and moving imagery storyboards for a successive variety of businesses.

Our equipment includes - MIG welders for steel and aluminium, a TIG welder, a custom-made Welding Table (4.8m x 2m), a Tekcel Router with a 550mmx 3000mm purpose-built cutting bed, Spray Booth for 2pak finishes, and an inhouse Fork Lift (with a Crane attachment).

Whatever you need, the team at Marlin Signs can design, manufacture and deliver!

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Marlin Signs can:
  • Use your logo (or we'll help you design a fresh, new one)

  • Install your new signage and provide qualified electronics technicians to take care of the design and electrical connections where required (including solar installation alternatives)

  • Provide you with a rainbow of colour options and a selection of materials choices - including steel and aluminium framing, digital screens and poster styles

  • Work with you to keep within your budget

  • Service, Maintain and Upgrade your billboard display signage, and

  • Arrange installation (including the deployment of suitable crane-lift equipment) that will be amenable to your operating hours or local traffic flow in the area, whilst addressing safety at all times - complete with signage testing and commissioning.
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