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Illuminated Signs

Marlin Signs design and manufacture a range of illuminated signage and graphics that may be backlit, ground lit or produced with fluorescent materials, so that your brand is significantly highlighted both day and night, be it with fabricated letters, LED, Neon or another type of signage variety.

Passive and static marketing signs allow your company (or prime location facility) to command attention, whether you are open or closed for business - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ask us about Illuminated Signs

Marlin Signs can:
  • Help you design the right solution for your situation - either indoors or outdoors

  • Use your logo (or we'll help you design a fresh, new one)

  • Install your new signage and provide qualified electronics technicians to take care of the design and electrical connections (including solar installation alternatives)

  • Advise you on how best to highlight key marketing messages within your signage - in either static or moving message form

  • Provide you with a rainbow of colour options and a selection of materials choices (weather-resistant, weatherproof, undercover, exterior or interior)

  • Work with you to keep within your budget

  • Service, Maintain and Upgrade your display signage, and

  • Arrange installation that will be amenable to your operating hours, whilst addressing safety at all times - complete with signage testing and commissioning.

Illuminated Signs may include:

  • LED Signs - Digital Sign Boards, &/or Neon or Halo LED
  • Billboards
  • Scoreboards
  • Architectural Signs
  • Corporate Signage (including exit & emergency signs)
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Pylon / Totem / Monolith Signs
  • Flexiface
  • Lightbox, Fascia, and Under Awning Lightboxes
  • Video, Static or Changing Images, Logos & Lettering &/or
  • Cantilever & Door Plate Signs.


Talk to us if you require custom-made signage that needs to meet special design, installation and manufacturing requirements, and you'll find Marlin Signs is well-equipped to think outside the box, let you know what's possible, and then create a distinctive solution to capture visual imagery from every angle.
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